Read This and Be Smarter

The State Library of Western Australia promotes reading for all ages. Reading really does make you smarter, reduces stress and can even prolong your life. To this end the ‘Read this and be Smarter’ project kicked off on 2 September. 

Every day, Monday to Friday the Library will provide a link through our Facebook and Twitter feeds to a great piece of writing.

The content will be provided by a range of quality publications including Granta, Westerly, Ted, NextDraft and a special series on young writers curated by a talented young Western Australian poet, Anthea Yang.


10 October 2019 Young Writer's Series (Curated by Western Australian poet Anthea Yang) 'Red Flowering Gum' by Scott-Patrick Mitchell

9 October 2019 'Turkey v Syria's Kurds: The short, medium and long story' Supplied by NextDraft.

8 October 2019 'How does impeachment work? A quick TED explainer' Supplied by TED Ideas.

7 October 2019 'The River Woman' by Shokoofeh Azaar. Supplied by Westerly Magazine.

4 October 2019 'Grief in Moderation' by Diane Williams. Supplied by Granta.

3 October 2019 Young Writer's Series (Curated by Western Australian poet Anthea Yang) 'What whales might say' by Katie Bennett.

2 October 2019 'Nancy Pelosi: An Extremely Stable Genius' Supplied by NextDraft.

1 October 2019 'How to make your arguments stronger (hint: longer is not the answer)' Supplied by TED Ideas.

30 September 2019 'City of Ghosts' by Francesca Sasnaitis. Supplied by Westerly Magazine.

27 September 2019 'Going Home' by Raja Shehadeh. Supplied by Granta.

26 September 2019 Young Writer's Series (Curated by Western Australian poet Anthea Yang) 'The Story So Far' by Taonga Sendama

25 September 2019 'This Is All Wrong,' Greta Thunberg Tells World Leaders At U.N. Climate Session Supplied by NextDraft.

24 September 2019 'The short list: 24 books, each under 200 pages, as recommended by TED speakers' Supplied by TED Ideas.

23 September 2019 ‘Walking in Old Shoes’ and ‘Remembering Artists’ by Paul Collis. Supplied by Westerly Magazine.

20 September 2019 'To the Dogs' by Jianan Qian (warning: it includes 'adult' themes). Supplied by Granta.

19 September 2019 Young Writer's Series (Curated by Western Australian poet Anthea Yang) 'The Junction' by Justine Spencer and 'House Show' by Saoirse Nash

18 September 2019 'Ever wondered: “What if I’m buried when I’m just in a coma?” Supplied by TED Ideas.

17 September 2019 'The grandmaster diet: How to lose weight while barely moving' Supplied by NextDraft.

16 September 2019 ‘Mathematics’ and ‘The Kingsbury Tales: Li Hongzhang’s Tale, a Fragment’ by Ouyang Yu. Supplied by Westerly Magazine.

12 September 2019 'Facsimiles' by Linda Mannheim. Supplied by Granta.

11 September 2019 Young Writer's Series (Curated by Western Australian poet Anthea Yang) 'A Love Letter To My Grandparents' by Anastasia Julien-Martial.

10 September 2019 A Nobel-Winning Economist Goes to Burning Man. Supplied by NextDraft.

9 September 2019 The Black Shoes by Tess Williams Supplied by Westerly Magazine.

6 September 2019 ‘The Water Tower and the Turtle’ by Kikuko Tsumura Supplied by Granta.

5 September 2019  'Moonless' Supplied by young Western Australian poet Anthea Yang.

4 September 2019 Remember people’s names once and for all — by using this technique from memory champs Supplied by TED Ideas.

3 September 2019  The Commuting Principle That Shaped Urban History  Supplied by NextDraft. NextDraft is run by Dave Pell, and delivers each day 10 links to articles on the Internet that are handpicked as the most fascinating news items of the day.

2 September 2019 Read this and be Smarter Cat by Moonlight, by Ann Dombroski. Supplied by Westerly Magazine

27 August 2019 Nature can be as enganging as video games - how to help kids fall in love with the outdoors Supplied by TED Ideas

23 August 2019  Where is Kigali? This story is supplied by Granta – one of, if not the best publisher of contemporary writing in the World. It's reportage about the Rwandan genocide – originally published in 1995, shortly after the events themselves in 1994, and republished recently as part of Granta’s 40th-Birthday celebrations.

Last updated on: 10 Oct 2019