Live@the Library – Telete

Telete promo image
Friday 21 April 2017 01:00PM

Based around the piano-playing and vocals of songwriter Mai Barnes, over the course of several years Telete has transformed from a full band with live drums, to a stripped-back, ethereal duo. Featuring emotive violin accompaniment from Hayley-Jane Ayres from Perth pop favourites Timothy Nelson and the Infidels, the duo build abstract song-forms using loop-stations to layer gauzy melodies atop one another. Telete morph the traditional sounds of their instruments through the use of effects to build hazy dream-pop confections, over which are layered Barnes’ haunting yet understated vocals.

Telete are well-versed in the art of intimate performance, having plied their trade in diverse spaces around Perth such as the State Theatre Centre, PS Art Space and the Moon cafe. They will bring their delicate and endearingly unassuming songs to an intimate performance in the State Library, performing original compositions that are sure to find a fitting environment in such a space.